FIRST Robotics Power Up – Week 3 Update

It’s official we are up and driving! The drivetrain and code are ready. After a few practice runs, we added a belly pan with truss patterns and bends to help it glide over the ramps.  The prototype for our intake is ready for CAD.  A team meeting was called to discuss our lift system possibilities.  We had to decide between a double reverse 4-bar, 3 stage elevator, 2 stage elevator + 4-bar. Decisions….. Decisions……  We started prototyping a 2 stage elevator + 4 bar. After testing we decided it wouldn’t work because of the extra heavy weight at the end of the 4-bar.  Towards the end of the week, we put the finishing touches on the CAD of our 3 stage elevator.  Our prototype elevator is now powered and using chain. Our intake is ready for sheet metal CAD. After a much needed day off we will be ready for Week 4!

Check out a quick video of our week 3!

2018 Game Reveal – FIRST Power Up

FIRST Robotics POWER UP is a game of cubes, scales, and switches to gain power-ups and control…and time must be on your side! Check out the animated video explaining the rules of the game!

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