FIRST Robotics Power Up – Week 4 Update

FIRST Robotics Power Up – Week 4 Update

Week 4 is another exciting week of designing, re-designing and testing.  Our new belly pan for the robot worked!  We were able to successfully manage the ramp.  We redesigned the elevator… yet again for more space for the carriage stage.   We are currently preparing an intake that can pass a cube through.  The Chairman’s’ team has been busy editing and revising our essay. Get ready for our presentation. It is going to be great! Check out a quick video of our week 4!

2018 Game Reveal – FIRST Power Up

FIRST Robotics POWER UP is a game of cubes, scales, and switches to gain power-ups and control…and time must be on your side! Check out the animated video explaining the rules of the game!

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For more information on FIRST Robotics and the Competition Season, head over to their site.

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Check out our 2018 Game Page and visit regularly to stay informed.

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