FIRST Robotics Power Up – Week 2 Update

FIRST Robotics Power Up – Week 2 Update

We are on our way!!  Non-robotic construction has been working hard on our scale. Sheet metal has arrived and the drivetrain is moving!   Software team has been busy flashing and reprogramming our RoboRio. Our prototype of the double reverse four bar lift and intake is underway.   The design team has been busy behind the scene with SolidWorks prototypes.  Thank you to our mentors and parents.  We couldn’t survive build season without you.  Bring on week 3!

Check out a quick video of our week 2!


Want more information on FIRST Robotics?

For more information on FIRST Robotics and the Competition Season, head over to their site.

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Check out our 2018 Game Page and visit regularly to stay informed.

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