FIRST Robotics Power Up Kickoff 2018

FIRST Robotics Kick-off, January 6, 2018

Each year, Kick-Off marks the beginning of the build season for FIRST Robotics This is a time for each FRC team to gather at their shop (in our case, we gather at “The Bunker“) or attend an official Kick-off event. Once the team watches the live stream of the kick-off broadcast, FIRST then reveals the game for the season. Then, Build Season BEGINS!

Check out a quick video of our Kick-off!

2018 Game Reveal – FIRST Power Up

Build Season

What is build season you ask? Kick-off starts a 6-week clock where our team has to plan, design, and build a fully-functioning robot in order to compete in the robotics competition game that was shown in the reveal video. This 6-week period of time is most commonly referred to as build season. Build season officially ends on February 20, 2018, at 11:59 pm. This last day of build season is also referred to as bag day. It’s called bag day as each team must stop all work on their robot, bag it up, and seal it. Once sealed, the team cannot work on the robot again until their first competition.

Want more information on FIRST Robotics?

For more information on FIRST and the Robotics Competition Season, head over to their site.

Want to stay informed on our progress over the build season?

Check out our 2018 Game Page and visit regularly to stay informed.

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